Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Okay...this one's really freaked me out since I knew about the 'Landmark thingy' last night.
Two nights before, I dreamt a series of dreams. Some were colorful, some really hazy. But there's this one that caught my attention so much that it's still encrypted in my mind.


Colors exploded behind my closed lids as the images eventually went clearer and clearer and I was able to recognize faces. People hurled past me and busied themselves with make up and the gowns. One woman, who I recognized vaguely as my Aunt Gina, thrust a bouquet of flowers to my hands.
Still clueless as to what was going on, I looked down to myself. My eyes widened for a fraction as I was wearing a very colorful and beautiful gown. I was getting married in this dream, that I realized noting the boquet and the special attention I was getting from the photographers and make up artists. The question hung around: Who was i going to marry? Was it him? Him? Him? Him? Him? Him? or HIM??

Suddenly, my mother burst through the door, her elegant white gown flowing with her every movement. She strode towards me and asked if I was ready. I felt myself smile softly at that. Okay, I was really getting married..(breathe in, breathe out...don't panic!).
I looked myself over again at the vanity mirror in front of me. (I was shocked because I looked like my 16 year old self then or maybe a couple of years older...but still.) Then, I could feel panic slowly sweep over me as I noticed that I was not wearing the proper footwear for this occasion. Sheesh, I was wearing my crocs, for Pete's sakes! I couldn't explain the knowledge I had when I talked to mom.

"Ma, I think was not able to pack the proper footwear." I announced sheepishly, gesturing towards the old crocs.
"Ano?!" Mom exclaimed, then she grabbed my wrist and dragged me towards the door. "We'll buy you a pair of stilettos at Landmark."

Scene Change!!

I strolled casually at the lobby of the hotel where the reception would take place and I found my elementary classmates and friends Marc Troi Manlapig and Bryan Tungia playing basketball. I went over them and smiled. They were just as I remembered them, comparable to Naruto and Kiba in some ways I could not explain.

"Marc, I want you to keep all of this a secret." I told Marc Troi sternly. "Okay?"

"Okay." he replied and Bryan only nodded.

Dream Sequence End

Creeped out? You bet I was! I didn't even know that Landmark is somewhere you could buy shoes from!! And I didn't even get a glimpse of my supposed-to-be fiance!!

This is the second time around..and I'll keep looking out for more....
here is what my gown looked like..

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