Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Second Entry - No Eatened??..eww...is that what you call grammar?

Author's Note: Oh yeah, the title was intentional...really...loooool
22nd of August ’09 (12:10pm)
Dear Doll,
Migraine is attacking me. My right hand is killing me. And I’m super hungry!!! Here’s why.. Yesterday, I woke up at 3pm and since then I haven’t slept until now. And I’m savoring the last 2 hours of my battery life. The power’s out and it’s really humid here especially inside the room. Remind me again why I agreed that we take this blasted room, ok?
So, yeah, I just finished watching the WHOLE series of Witch Yoo-hee. It’s a romantic comedy yet I find it soooooooo frustrating!! Why? Because the male lead is nowhere near the level of sexiness of the secondary male character!!! You know, nobody beats Prince Troy and Johnny Kruger...well, nobody except Prince Gian and Rain and Kim Ki-bum and G-Dragon and Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Neji and Athrun Zala and Kaname Kuran and Roy Mustang and Zuko and so on and so forth...>M<
And I’m now assigned to return Ate Jam’s USB that Larra borrowed from her. Grrrrr...I’ll wear the jacket again .*^*
Hmmm...she’s not in her room when I went there. Maybe she already went to school ‘coz they have a seminar right now.
Speaking of schools, General Chemistry midterm exam would be on the 29th. Gotta study!!!..grrr...I have to ace the exams if I want to be in the regular class in the later years. Then here’s Physical Education, College Algebra, and NSTP-CWTS. Though, in PE, I’m not sure if we’ll have a written exam or if we’ll just perform the damned ‘Poker Face’ mass demo (I hope not).
My cellphone inbox is full again! Am I that popular??...lol..just kidding! Anyway, lots of numbers that were not saved in my phonebook came flooding in my inbox and I think they’re my classmates both from here and GenSan. Hmmm... I wasn’t able to reply to any of them ‘coz I don’t have ant credit left...T__T
Mr Electricity, I implore you to come back and give light upon the shadows threatening to overcome our land! Okay, so I’m exaggerating. So what? Hah!

**Second Entry Part 2
22nd of August ’09 (6:05pm)
Dear Doll,
I’m quite in THAT situation again. Hmmmm....How to explain? It’s about a lightbulb, a Qukku, and yours truly.>M
I hope I could go home this sembreak!! I’m sick of seeing that face everyday!! I want out! No, not of the course, not. What I meant was that I want out of every situation like this. I mean, she’s really stupid, because she calls everyone stupid. She thinks everyone is inferior compared to her ‘amazing’ personality, and that she could have every man she wanted. I mean, did she go here in Palawan to study or to ogle and flirt with the boys?
I remember during our first day here she immediately went on a mission to see if there are any boys suitable for her ‘beauty’. Notice the apostrophe marks, they are significant signs of sarcasm. Now back to the topic. I was really but figuratively seeing red when she reminded me not to entertain boys, and that our goal was to study first. What!? That’s bullshit! I mean, she told me that!? She should’ve looked at herself first before targeting me.
Oh yes, I’m angry right now, that’s why I’m writing in long and complete sentences. I’m so angry that Taylor Swift songs are not registering in my mind even though they’re already in full volume and playing in shuffle with Parokya ni Edgar and Linkin Park. Yes, I’m definitely angry. Just look at the LONG sentences...lol...okay, that made me laugh...but not out loud, never out loud.
I just had a bath and I’m still in nothing but a skimpy blue towel...hahaha...I’d Lie by Taylor Swift is now playing. I like that song very much!! Well, one can really relate to the lyrics and I’m sure Taylor experienced this personally. All her songs are written by her and thay are based on her personal experiences. How do I know? She said so herself.. and it’s pretty much obvious. Her songs are somewhat linked to each other. Like, Fifteen, Love Story, Our Song and Crazier all pertain to being young and in love. Teardrops on My Guitar, You Belong With Me, Breathe and I’d Lie are for when she loved her friend who, in turn, loved another woman..and Taylor cites the things she can do better than the other woman. Then there’s Picture To Burn and Forever and Always. They’re more like angst towards an unsuccessful relationship. Hmmm...boo Joe Jonas! You suck! Gay bastard!!
I’m contemplating going out to dinner by myself. I haven’t eaten anything today! *shocked* See, I’m so hungry I’ve had a lot of typos in this sentence than I ever had in my entire life. So ciao for now, gotta go have some chow! Wow, that rhymed!


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