Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Half German?? or Half British??


Who's the guy with the creepy eyes like mine?? Well, he's Marc Ebeling. Half-German, and half-American with Ukrainian and Irish and whatever blood he has in him. LAWL

**shakes head anime style**

Wondering why we took the photo together and why I am wearing a gown while holding a bouquet of really beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers while he had on an elegant suit and had an arm around my shoulders?

(Okay, so now I'm rambling. ^_^)

Well, would you believe it if I said this is our wedding picture? Nah, don't believe me... 'coz it's not!..LAWL
He was the best man for his father's and my cousin's wedding, and I?...well, I was not part of the entourage but it's cool for me. I got to be referred to as 'Princess' by the bride! Not to mention that I was a unique soul there...hahaha.. My cousin (the bride) chose teal blue as the motif of the wedding so almost everyone basically wore anything near the shade. And what made me unique? Well, as you can see in the image above, I wore a velvety maroon gown.
When I got up from my seat to pin some bills on the newlyweds' attires, my cousin whispered to me "You really look like a princess right now." Of course I smiled! Who wouldn't smile after being called a princess?~~~~Oh, maybe straight guys would not appreciate being called a princess...teehee!

So, yeah, the princess eventually summoned all her courage to ask the 'supposedly' prince to take a picture with her. And my cunning (other) cousin suddenly handed me the bride's bouquet. I was flustered and, panicking since i wanted to get this over with (even though I secretly didn't want to), I grabbed the stack of flowers and readily and steadily smiled at the camera, not without being extremely aware of the warm arm draped on my shoulders.

**Nodame-chan style drooling**

gyabo gyabo...mukya mukya


  1. Nodame Chan fan!! :D
    Ngayon ko lang nabasa ang blog mo...hahaha!
    Princess pala..hihihi.