Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Thought...

I thought, as the slideshow had come to an end, that I did a good job in the video editing...
that I haven't missed a single profile in the presentation. 
I thought that if ever I make a mistake, people would understand because I spent a whole week with no sleep just to wrap it up. 
I thought nobody would get angry at me. I thought I could still keep my friends when all this is over. 

4th of April 2009, the General Santos City SPED Integrated School's Parents' Tribute. It is when students give honor to their parents for their support and hard work. A week before the event, the coordinator assigned me and a few others to supervise the video presentations and so we immediately gathered the photos and went to work.

Alas, the most-awaited day came. Teachers, parents and students alike were gathered in KCC Convention Hall. I was excited and a bit nervous. Excited, because I finally get to show the people my video presentation and nervous because I still had to be in a dance performance with my classmates that I didn't get to eat breakfast and lunch (and I am really grateful they served dinner after the program), For short, I was stressed. I was stressed but happy because the event coordinator had trusted me enough to give me a responsibility that I was really grateful having.

After our dance number, it was my cue to plug in my flashdrive and let the people sit and watch my slideshow. I raced down the stage and did the necessary adjustments for my turn. Then I stepped back, watched the big screen with a big smile on my face (albeit still panting from my sprint) and hoped for the best reactions from the people.

The whole convention hall was lit up again and the food was served. I sat with my long time friends arount the big round table. After eating my meal, I noticed that my friends were giving me odd looks. Like I sprouted another head or something. I politely asked them what the matter was and they told me that one of my friends, Shane, was upset because her family photos were not included in the presentation. I frowned at that. Of course her family photos wouldn't be in the presentation if she hadn't passed them to me or any of the staff. And I would've explained that to her if she didn't state that she was angry, specifically at me.

I thought that was pretty unreasonable of her but we made up on Graduation Day. But things were not the same as they were before the whole incident.

I thought we could still remain as friends
I guess it was too much to ask for.
In the end I thought wrong.

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  1. i thought i'm lost but then i realized....

    i'm found..